The Michigan Association of Family and Consumer Sciences held the 2011 Annual Meeting on August 4 at the Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge and Conference Center in Frankenmuth, MI.

After approval of the minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting and the discussion of the Finance report, proposed changes in the MAFCS By-laws were discussed, moved to accept and passed. The updated version is available here.

Dottie West presented an update on the new replacement for the Food Guide Pyramid. AAFCS and USDA have formed a partnership to promote the “My Plate” strategies.

MiAFCS 2011 meeting
2011 Annual Meeting: Donna Hensey and Shirley Bitters install Joy Jacobs, Dorothy Mitstifer, Dorothy West and Kelsey Quackenbush.

Donna Hensey and Shirley Bitters conducted the installation ceremony for the new officers:

Cathy Balik, continuing as president;

Kelsey Quackenbush, President Elect;

Dorothy Mitstifer, continuing as Treasurer;

Joy Jacobs, secretary;

Dottie West, Vice President for Program.

The ceremony included the lighting of the Betty Lamp, an antique version borrowed from the collection of Sharon McManus, CFCS, of Holland, MI.

Orchids were presented to retiring Board members, Shirley Bitters and Donna Hensey for their years of service.